St. Al’s is committed to maintaining small class sizes to ensure that each student has the individualized attention and personalized learning plan that he or she needs. Class sizes range from 15-25 students.

We focus on helping students build a strong foundation in reading, writing, math, science and social studies, so they are well prepared for high school and beyond. As a Catholic school, we also place a priority on helping students grow in their faith—loving and respecting God, others and themselves. This unique whole-child education helps children grow into well-rounded adults.

St. Al’s is proud to offer the Blended Learning model developed by the University of Notre Dame. We assess each student to see where they are in reading and math skills, then develop an individualized learning plan for each student based on where they need help to grow and to challenge them further where they already excel. This allows students to build essential skills at the level and pace that’s right for them. Find out more about our Blended Learning program at St. Al’s.

We also follow the Believe and Read program developed by the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence. It’s a partnership with Groves Learning Organization, a national expert in reading instruction, and Cretin-Derham Hall Catholic High School. Believe and Read doesn’t just help struggling readers. It helps launch ALL students to the next level in reading. This is important because students who aren’t reading at grade level by third grade are at risk of falling behind academically in all of their subjects. Students first need to learn to read; then they need to read to learn. Find out more about Believe and Read.

Find out more about what St Al’s offers:

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