Lashomb Family

We are so happy to be here and be a part of such a wonderful school and community. We moved over to St. Als during the pandemic and we have never looked back, they welcomed us with open arms and took our kids under their wings to help them adjust to this new environment. Both of our children have really thrived in the smaller class size environment vs. the larger class sizes in public school. We feel that both our children get the attention they need to learn and grow. The smaller class sizes also help to identify both of your children’s learning strengths and opportunities so they can get the help or push needed to really grow and throughout the year. We also really enjoy the structure and accountability the teachers provide for our children helping them to reach their goals. St. Al’s is a hidden gem and we are glad we found it!

Smith Family

We enrolled our daughter at St. Alphonsus starting in Pre-School and couldn’t be happier that we made that decision! Our daughter has thrived academically and socio-emotionally.  Our daughter is excited to go to school every day and has found a sense of place at St. Al’s.

I am continually impressed by how well the teachers know the individual students, including teachers of higher grades.  This fosters such a supportive and nurturing community. This supportive community also translates to families of St. Alphonsus.  Families and Faculty genuinely care about each other and all the students.  Families come together to support other families in time of need and the sense of community is outstanding.  

We are blessed and grateful to have found a home at St. Alphonsus.

Misko Family

As a parent, the moment you step into St. Alphonsus Catholic School you can feel what amazing place it is.  There is no price tag that can be put on having small class sizes, a family atmosphere and the level of caring that is shown to each individual student and their families by the staff and teachers at St. Al’s.  The students are challenged, respected and loved and  it’s a school where they can become the best version of themselves academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally.  We are so happy that our boys have able to attend St. Al’s since they were in preschool.  It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents.

McDaniel Family

We would like to share our wonderful experience being part of the St Al’s school family. We use the word “family” because this school truly represents it in all aspects. Our son began kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year. He can be a bit reserved and unfortunately sometimes has worries about school in his lil heart and mind. The genuine love and care that he receives each and everyday by all of the staff, and remarkably so, his amazing teacher, Mrs. Ericson, is one of the many things that separates this “school” from your average place to learn and grow. Our child is extremely loved by us and Mrs. Ericson has been 100% kind, attentive, loving, patient and supportive with our son and to us as parents no matter what the situation has been. Her open communication has eased our hearts many of times and we are so appreciative of her being the Kindergarten teacher. (We may have strongly suggested she continues to move up a grade each year! We truly adore her!)

Lastly, we need to add…Principal Staples is absolutely wonderful! She is so dedicated and fully engaged with each and every student! The day she asked our son if he had “marshmallows in his lunchbox” and rattled off multiple other lunch items we most often provided, I knew we could be in no better place. What Principal takes time from their busy schedule to know their students to that degree! She is outside in the rain, sleet, snow, or shine, EVERY morning and afternoon to greet the children and send them off for the day. That is “dedicated” and that is “digging your heels” in to lead and support a beyond amazing organization, which we are so blessed and grateful to call our “school”.

Chouinard Family

We have been at St. Alphonsus Catholic School since September 2015 when our oldest daughter started as a Kindergartner. St Alphonsus has been more than just a school for us. They have become part of our family. The staff and other school families have become our closest friends. When we went through some hardships a few years ago the first people to help us was the staff and families at St. Al’s. Our girls get a great education with staff that genuinely love their students. Numerous teachers have attended our daughters extracurricular activities outside of the school (softball & hockey games, karate graduations etc).  We feel very blessed that we found St. Al’s and for what I am sure is lifelong friendships we have formed while being part of this amazing community.

Brown Family

Seven years ago, we made the decision to send our son to ST ALS which turned out to be one of the best and most rewarding decisions we have made not only for him but for his younger brother and sister as well. St Alphonsus has allowed our children to learn and grow in an academically challenging environment that also supports their faith journey. The school provides leadership opportunities in a supportive and loving environment. The small class sizes and extra-curricular events have given our entire family a chance to get to know others that care as much about our children as we do. From a financial perspective the returns we have received in our children’s academic education and personal growth far outweighs the cost. The commitment of the school’s entire staff, volunteers as well as the St Alphonsus faith community and families is truly impressive and our children have continued to thrive.

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