Discovering Strengths. Challenging Minds. Igniting Spirits.

Welcome to St. Al's

We are committed to honoring all with dignity and compassion, empowering leadership through service, and igniting the spiritual life of all students. We discover and value the strengths of our students and challenge them to achieve their full potential as lifelong learners.

What Do Parents Say About St. Al's?

Seven years ago, we made the decision to send our son to St. Al's which turned out to be one of the best and most rewarding decisions we have made not only for him but for his younger brother and sister as well. St. Alphonsus has allowed our children to learn and grow in an academically challenging environment that also supports their faith journey. 

The Brown Family

We are so happy to be here and be a part of such a wonderful school and community. We feel that both our children get the attention they need to learn and grow. The smaller class sizes help to identify both of our children’s learning strengths and opportunities so they can get the help or push needed to really grow  throughout the year. We also really enjoy the structure and accountability the teachers provide for our children helping them to reach their goals. St. Al’s is a hidden gem and we are glad we found it!

The Lashomb Family

St Alphonsus has been more than just a school for us. They have become part of our family. The staff and other school families have become our closest friends. When we went through some hardships a few years ago, the first people to help us was the staff and families at St. Al’s. Our girls get a great education with staff that genuinely love their students. Numerous teachers have attended our daughters extracurricular activities outside of the school (softball & hockey games, karate graduations etc). We feel very blessed that we found St. Al’s and for what I am sure is lifelong friendships we have formed while being part of this amazing community.

The Chouinard Family

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